Pioneers of
precision medicine

We’re a different kind of biotech company. At Prometheus Biosciences, our one-of-a-kind precision approach is designed to transform the treatment of immune-mediated diseases—starting with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Precise targeting. Precisely what patients need

We’re applying cutting-edge data science to the world’s most comprehensive collection of IBD patient data, to create precision therapeutic and companion diagnostic product candidates that have breakthrough potential. With the goal of ending the trial-and-failure treatment cycle.

Here to revolutionize exactly how gastrointestinal (GI)
diseases are treated

We’ve paired over 200,000 patient samples—analyzed across genetics, serologics, and transcriptomics—together with longitudinal clinical data, leading us to unprecedented insights into immunological networks that drive immune-mediated diseases.

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Data from more than 20,000 patients can help countless more

Using cutting-edge data science and machine-learning analytics, we’re building a robust precision medicine engine designed to continually identify new drug targets and unique disease biomarkers.

Machine learning has the potential to dramatically improve patient outcomes. That’s the power of Prometheus360™

Our one-of-a-kind discovery engine, Prometheus360, ties together all of these rich data sources to help transform treatment and change lives.

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We’re delivering the promise of precision medicine

By changing the paradigm from one-size-fits-all treatments with trial-and-failure, to targeting the right treatment for the right patients earlier, we’re on a mission to change lives.

PRA023 shows great potential

Introducing PRA023, a monoclonal antibody shown to block TL1A, a target associated with both intestinal inflammation and fibrosis in preclinical studies. We’re developing PRA023 in multiple indications along with a companion diagnostic product that allows us to deliver targeted treatments for patients.

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