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Dr. Luo has served as Chief Medical Officer of Precision IBD, the predecessor of Prometheus Biosciences since August 2018. Prior to joining Prometheus Biosciences, Dr. Luo was Senior Vice President of Clinical Development for Gastroenterology at Progenity, and Vice President of Clinical Development at Ophthotech where she was responsible for the completion of two Phase 3 studies. Prior to Ophthotech, Dr. Luo was Executive Director at Bristol-Myers Squibb where she was responsible for Inflammatory Bowel Disease and led the Phase 3 program for Orencia (abatacept) and the Phase 2 program for eldelumab (anti-IP10 antibody) for ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Earlier in her career she was a Medical Director at Abbott Laboratories where she led the regulatory filing of Humira for rheumatoid arthritis in Japan and developed the clinical trial protocols for Humira in ulcerative colitis. Dr. Luo received her Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Doctor of Medicine degrees from Northwestern University, followed by a residency in internal medicine at Loyola University, and a fellowship in drug development at Abbott Laboratories (Abbvie).