Scientific Approach

 The Path to Personalized Treatment

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Identify IBD Patients

For the past 15 years, we have built a highly curated biorepository containing more than 200,000 samples derived from over 20,000 patients.
Sample & Analyze

Sample & Analyze

Samples are linked with extensive clinical and research metadata, including genotypic, phenotypic, transcriptomic, endoscopic, histologic and MRI data to create the most advanced dataset in IBD of its kind.
Segment patient populations

Stratify into homogeneous

Utilizing advanced data mining and machine-learning analysis approaches, the dominant disease biology in subgroups of IBD patients is deciphered.
Apply Learnings

Identify New Drug Targets

Prometheus Biosciences uses these dominant disease pathways and associations to design new drugs for specific patient groups. View Pipeline
Companion Diagnostics

Develop Companion Diagnostics

Companion diagnostic tests are developed to predict response to these new therapies, providing the right drug for the right patient.