Meet Prometheus360
our one-of-a-kind precision medicine platform

Combining machine-learning analytics with the world’s most comprehensive collection of IBD patient data

Prometheus360 combines PrometheusIQ, state-of-the-art data analytics that continually identifies new targets and PrometheusID, a diverse collection of IBD biospecimens and detailed metadata—offering the potential to pinpoint the right treatment for the right patient.

Our powerful precision medicine platform leverages this proprietary technology to translate complex and deep patient data into precision therapeutic and diagnostic product candidates, designed to provide effective treatment solutions for patients with immune-mediated diseases.

Gastrointestinal (GI) diseases are complex and debilitating disorders that affect millions of people worldwide. Currently available therapies attempt to treat symptoms with “one-size-fits-all” solutions that don’t work effectively for many patients.

Prometheus Biosciences’ mission is to create a new paradigm in patient care: precision medicine.

State-of-the-artdata analyticsSystemsbiologyExternalvalidationWorld’s mostcomprehensive collectionof IBD biospecimensdisease dataHigh-densityDeepmolecularinsights

A large, diverse biorepository of over 200,000 samples from more than 20,000 IBD patients

Highly curated, extensive, longitudinal + detailed clinical metadata

“Big data”-style profiling, including genetics, serologics + transcriptomics, uncovers unprecedented insights about immunological networks that drive GI disease

Complex data mining methodologies, machine-learning analysis approaches + multi-omic integration continually identify unique drug targets + unique disease + diagnostic biomarkers

Network predictor models + interpretation algorithms to pinpoint the right patient for the right treatment

Proprietary, public + non-GI datasets allow for rapid independent validation of novel druggable targets with their unique biomarkers

Targeted therapeutic
product candidates

Targeted therapeutic product candidates with the potential to offer superior efficacy and an accelerated path to the market

Companion diagnostic
product candidates

Companion diagnostic product candidates with the potential to predict response to these new therapies in order to identify the right treatment for the right patient